Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm writing from my bed, reclined (less than 45 degrees), 1 hour into my 36 hours bed rest.  Of course, I am using a laptop stand, which I got specifically for this purpose.  I can't believe 6 months of delays has gotten me here, finally!

FET recap: I slept in a bit since I took the whole day off.  I got a call from embryology whilst I was in the shower confirming our transfer of 1 embryo and that we were all good to go (and that I was coming in).  We cut it a bit close on time and got there about 5 minutes late.  Labs first and the woman (new to me) there that day was the BEST ever, barely felt the needle prick, which is not typical.  Then, upstairs to the surgery center, whereupon acupuncture (w/ Cyndy) was next.  The needles stung a bit in some parts (especially the ears) going in, but once they were all in, it was fine.  Kinda funny/weird having acupuncture in such a clinical room.  Next, the nurse came in to take vitals and I only had to drink a bit more water to fill my bladder (nothing even close to the 32 oz of water they asked me to bring) + take the Valium, which had no effect on me til I was done and getting up.  The ultrasound lady (sorry for the non-technical names) checked my bladder and it was just right.

Just on the verge of discomfort for me.  Dr. G came in and was really positive about our 1 blast thawing perfectly (3BA, which I'm trying not the obsess about, since it wasn't our best one, but was frozen individually), said it was like it was never frozen.  Then it was like a well-oiled machine -- ultrasound lady pushing on my stomach, nurse helping with something or another, embryologist John doing his thing, Dr. G getting in there... did 1 "test run."  Then in it went, a little white air bubble/speck on the screen.  And that was it!  15 min of still time.  Then I had the choice to use the bedpan, wait it out or get up to use the bathroom.  I tried the bedpan, super weird, but I was gonna explode otherwise.  Then I could chill for the post-transfer acupuncture.  After that, I got up to use the bathroom and I could feel the influence of the Valium.  Next stop: Five Guys for lunch (lying down in the car) -- I highly recommend it (a minute away from CCRM).  As a former west coaster, I desperately miss In-n-Out, DH says he thinks Five Guys is better.  I cannot blaspheme In-n-Out.  Eating a burger brimming with stuff is kind of a challenge in a prone position tho.

9 days from now is Sunday where I'll have my blood test.  They said I could do it on Monday too at my local CCRM office, but that would be a work day and I can just imagine getting news in the middle of class with 24 third-graders running rampant.  Not optimal.  So we are gonna make a day of it and do the whole IKEA thing (not new to me, but new to Denver) while we're down south.  Oh, and Dr. G counseled against doing a HPT, which I wasn't planning on doing anyway. 

I know the black bar is silly, but I'm being paranoid.
I've got Grey's Anatomy eps I plan to catch up on Hulu, books, mags, a bell (to ring for my manservant AKA DH), water, snacks, the paper, DVDs, etc etc.  I'm a doer, so this gonna be a challenge.


  1. Really does sound like a well-oiled machine and great that you can get acupuncture there... I have to go to a clinic nearby before/after my transfers :) Wonderful that your little one looks so good :)) Know how you feel about not wanting to get results at work... I'm glad that my beta is scheduled for a non-work day for me... love IKEA :)) I'm a doer too... so lovely to be sharing this frustrating 2WW with you from afar xoxo

  2. Yes, it's wonderful and amazing to be going through this with women around the world! I tried your tips re: disqus -- I think I've got it now! Not sure why Google can't get their act together tho. : ) Good luck!

  3. Yay! Take it easy and use the bell a lot.

  4. Very exciting. I so need to get one of those things for my laptop to sit on. How do you feel after bed rest? How much activity did you do the next day. I am really nervous I am going to mess something up. Best Wishes!

  5. No symptoms really (a bit of low back pain but not sure if that was from being slumped over in bed forever). Let's see... yesterday, I mostly puttered in the house, tidying and whatnot (things got really MESSY w/ me in bed for 36 hrs). I was careful not to lift anything heavy (like the T-giving turkey!), but I went about my normal business, but did NOT help DH w/ raking the leaves. Didn't leave the house either. You'll be fine! Excited for you!

  6. Visiting from ICLW! Sending positive energy to ur corner of the blogsphere! Hope all goes well!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's so great that we had our FET on the same day! I love hte pic of you in bed. CUTE laptop stand and purse! :)

    Make sure you watch some funny stuff and remember to laugh during this wait!! There's that one study that shows laughter following a transfer led to better pregnancy rates. So, laugh your ass off! :)

    Can't wait to stalk you!

  8. Congrats on being PUPO! You sound well prepared to weather bedrest and the 2WW. I LOVE that laptop stand - I may have to get one of those if we manage to get a FET out of this cycle...

    Best of luck, keep us posted!

  9. Thanks for visiting! I couldn't believe we had our FET on the same day too! You're brave to POAS daily... and you're lucky to get your beta sooner! GOOD LUCK and happy laughing to you too!

  10. Happy ICLW!!

    Happy Incubating!!! Wishing you lots of sticky Vibes!

    ICLW #68