Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Climbing out...

I've been blogging for only a short two weeks and I am blown away by the online community.  It truly feels like an organic, spontaneous coming together of people with like minds/issues/needs.  One site leads to another, which leads to connections made, blogs followed, being followed, etc.  As a long-time lurker, this is quite exciting to me!

Anyway, the latest w/ H is that he is once again, DH.  We are starting to emerge from the woods... I'm hopeful that we can make it to the 18th and beyond.  I've so appreciated all of your support and it's so awesome to hear from and be connected with women all over the world.  I think that is a key part of what's been missing from my life.  While family and friends both local and out-of-state/country are indispensable, you just can't talk frankly about the details of IF with people who are not immersed in it.  I also don't have a lot of female friends who live in town (I moved away from where I went to college and most all of my friends stayed there), so it's just refreshing to be in touch w/ cool women.

Onto the medical stuff -- I have 3 patches on now... moving into 4 Vivelle dots.  I have had NO symptoms (that I know of, what the hell is the norm anymore?  My body has not been my own in a looong time) and of course, if you have symptoms, that sucks and if you don't, you're wondering, "Is something wrong?"  Next hurdle to cross in 2 days -- doppler u/s and another estradiol level check. 

And while I have revealed little to no identifying information thus far, a parting remark for my readers in the Pac-12 -- GO CARDINAL!


  1. When I started blogging earlier this year, I couldn't believe how many of us are out there and the support that we all give to each other.... it's been wonderful to 'meet' you and looking forward to sharing this IF/ART journey with you... wherever it takes us :)) xoxo

  2. Hi Porkchop, I love your pic of the Flat Irons - I lived in Boulder for 5 years and miss seeing them. Sounds like you are getting close to transfer. I glad to hear that your DH in back on board with the program! Dr. G is a baby wizard - I'm so glad he is your doctor too! I also had to convert to FET due to super high E2 levels. In some ways it was good, but it feels like I have been doing this forever! Good luck with the FET!

  3. Thanks all! @TurtleMama -- your journey is my inspiration and I hope to be following in your footsteps w/ the similar path I'm on. Good to hear that about Dr. G too! Yeah, it's a long process w/ FET tacked on...