Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blogging Question

Since I'm new to this, I'm trying to figure it all out... I notice that my friend who has a Wordpress blog has a function where he can reply to comments and it's indented (set-back) so it looks different from the other comments.  As a commenter, you can also be notified of other comments or replies.  On Blogger, I don't see this functionality -- am I missing something?  I feel like if I reply to comments, no one ever knows or sees it unless they check back on the comments.


  1. No sure... I've often wondered that myself :) If you find out... I'd love to know too :)) xoxo

  2. I have to check back for comment replies. Its annoying. I'm wondering if there is a feature that I've missed where I can see automatically if there has been a reply.

  3. It's one of the downsides to blogger. There was a big discussion about this a while back on a blog called Too Many Fish To Fry, I think. People have different ways of handling it but if you want to make sure someone hears back from
    You, you can either leave a comment on their blog or e-mail them.

  4. Yeah, this sucks! I've wonder about this myself. I so many times want to thank, or reply or acknowledge and there's not a simple way of doing it.

  5. Thanks for comment on my blog the other day. IF is hard enough without stupid/ignorent people's comments.

    I too use Blogger, but I have signed up with Disqus to get my comments, which allows you to reply to each comment (making them indented) or in a single line. I've not had any problems with Disqus, but I have heard that others have.

    I have also read somewhere that there are other programs you can use that do the same thing. Let me know if you have questions, I'll do what I can to help.

  6. Your question, and others having trouble commenting on my private blog, prompted me to go back through Fran's tutees (over at Small Bird Studio) to find a tutee she'd done ages ago on Disqus... I thought I'd install it yesterday and see how it works... then let you know about it. See this link re transferring comments :
    Also... not sure whether the replies get emailed directly to the person who's commented (or whether I have the settings right)... would you mind letting me know if my reply to your comment has made it to you ?
    Now... on to reading your PUPO post :)) xoxo