Wednesday, March 21, 2012



It's official, I'm outnumbered -- it's a boy!  While we had sorta hoped for one of each and had a sliver of desire for a girl, we are still just as happy as can be.  DS is very excited too.  My dr and u/s on Monday were great.  She took her sweet time since I was the last appt for the day.  And DH really liked her too.  She's a no BS kinda person (I think I caught her on a bad day in the past).  No real good profile shots, but saw every organ and everything looked great.  I get to have another u/s in 4 weeks because she couldn't get to the lip (for cleft lip)!  Woohoo.  Also, as of the past few days, am finally feeling something (and yes, to those of you smarties, my placenta is somewhat anterior which is why it took so darn long)!  Baby was moving up a storm during the u/s so it was cool to feel and see at the same time.  We had our dr write the info on a card and seal in an envelope.  DH and I went out to a fancy dinner and opened the envelope together after the appetizer course.  We both got instantly misty.  It was a great, very exciting moment.  How often does one get to have a surprise like that?

Other than that, I'm on the home stretch with my project and can see the end in sight.  Phew.  DS is suffering a bit from my and DH's busyness these past few weeks.  : (  Poor thing.  After I send in my Boards portfolio, then taxes await.  Blech.  But then I can also focus on baby stuff/nursery!  FUN!  Also we go to Vegas in a little over a week.  Woohoo!  (DH is a triathlete and has a race there).  This week needs to go by quickly (plus I'm single mothering w/ DH on a biz trip)!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours


I admit that my problems are first-world problems, but nonetheless, I am tired and stressed.

1) Movement -- sometimes I think I feel something, but I am not sure.  I am ready for my Monday u/s to see what's up.  Having had DS, I know what movement should feel like and so far nothing really feels like those flutters.

2) Mother-in-law with mental health issues, currently in the hospital.  When you get calls at 4 am in the morning, or DH comes home at 1 am from the hospital, that does not lend itself well to sleep.  I was awake from 1 am - 4 am last night (and barely got to work before the kids were streaming into the halls).

3) National Board Certification -- this is a very intense process to become a "master teacher" and involves putting together a length portfolio of student work, 12-14 page papers, videos of your teaching, etc.  I have been working on it every weekend for the past 8 months.  It's all due at the end of this month, but my goal is to be done with it BEFORE my spring break (last week or March).  (This is in addition to my master's and regular teacher licensure).

4) Working FT -- my students are rotten this year and I'm a grumpy, impatient teacher.

5) Hiring my replacement -- after having gone through a lengthy process with my #1 choice, now she's thinking it's not the right choice for her because she wants benefits, etc.  Sigh.  Now, all I have left is a mediocre person and another woman who is about to have a baby herself, so not sure that makes the most sense (to have someone start at a new grade level, new school when they are dealing w/ a lot at home).

Here would be the perfect solution: a regular housecleaner, a personal assistant and retirement.  Wouldn't solve #2, but might make my disposition more pleasant.  Again, first world problems.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I think it's totally irresponsible for the NP I met with two weeks ago to have said, "You'll feel movement any day now." Especially since that window for feeling movement is so varied.  I have nightmares about having a dead baby inside me and sometimes when I wake up, I'm totally paranoid and wondering if my pregnancy was my imagination.  I know I'm being dramatic, but even though all is going smoothly so far, I'm still really scared deep down.

Other than that, I'm just trying to forge ahead.  Went to a colleague's baby shower the other day.  She was adorably preggo and cleaned up on gifts.  Even though this is #2 for me, with the time that has passed since DS (5+ years -- we have a lot of stuff, but will still need some essentials) and the baby possibly being a different sex, my coworker is already talking about a shower for me.  Really surreal, but twould be really fun.

Also trying to line-up a long-term substitute and and job-share partner for the coming school year.  Have 2 good candidates.  Hope to get things nailed down soon.  I'm a planner.  Haven't quite gotten to the childcare research part yet, want to give it a bit more time... to be even more real (like after my 20 week u/s).

Really excited to work on the nursery... maybe will do a bit of that over Spring Break... and then a lot over summer vacation.

The big date is March 19 in the late afternoon -- my dr better not reschedule on me!  Feeling a combo of excitement with a bit of fear thrown in there...

Positive thoughts, vibes, spirits, etc... How do you guys get yourself to think positively???  SO HARD!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have to say that I'm not thrilled with my ob/gyn.  #1) As some of you may recall, she was really bitchy at my first pre-natal visit.  #2) I've had appointments rescheduled numerous times by their office and with my teacher schedule, that is really impactful.  #3) The latest is that I had my quad screen done over 1.5 weeks ago and I never heard anything about the results.  I had to call them today to find out.  Neg on Quad Screen, Neg on Hep C and Neg on anemia... so that's good, but good God, isn't it standard practice to call a patient and relay lab results?

At this point, while still early, I don't want to change doctors because there aren't that many who practice at the hospital I want to deliver at.  My former doctor (and parent at my school -- weird + not happy with my delivery experience with her) is one of the only other practices.  The only other one shares calls with my current doctor, so there is a chance I'd get her anyway (and -that- would be weird after dumping her).

Otherwise, 17w4d, waiting to feel that movement still, but otherwise, all is well. 

Just had to complain...