Friday, November 11, 2011

Close, but YES cigar?

So I had my doppler u/s appointment and estradiol blood draw this morning.  I got a call back from the nurse as I was trying to park my car in the Costco lot on a VERY crowded/busy shopping day and as my DS started dry-heaving in the back seat, requesting a baggie to puke in.  Why don't the nurses ever call me when I'm calm and by myself?  I'm a teacher and sometimes the nurse calls while I'm in the midst of 24 third-graders and I have to speak in code, "Well, my monthly visitor arrived today.  Okay, so I should start taking those miniature pills when?"  Well, I got the car parked and DS ended up not puking (phew!) and I was able to grab a pen/paper to take some notes on the next steps.

Oh, back to the u/s -- triple pattern, good blood flow, 10.2 mm -- all good (thickness is supposed to be > than 8 mm).  But the estradiol level was 256 and they want 300.  : (  The nurse (Carolyn -- new) said that we can kick it up with estrace twice daily, which I've used before to beef up my lining during IUIs, but have never ingested it orally.  Which I welcome, because bright blue discharge is kinda disturbing.  As I recall from one woman's blog, "It's like I f**ked a smurf!"  Apparently they are not too worried as the wizard (Dr. G) felt that 256 was close to 300.  They're not even going to check that again.  Only progesterone on Tuesday.

So new upcoming drugs: progesterone inserts (endometrin) 3x/daily starting on Sunday.  Tetracycline (which I cannot stand due to the need to avoid dairy) also.  Medrol comes up somewhere too.  Good thing I'm a Type A organized person (how do non-Type A people manage all the details???). 

We find out on Wednesday when our transfer appointment will be on Friday.  Can't believe the day is actually nearing and that it's actually going to happen. 

Weekend plans: work (blah), raking leaves (kinda gratifying), errands, college football and DH's b-day tomorrow.  Hope I can survive the week, always busy right before Thanksgiving at school with report cards and whatnot.  Transfer day on Friday and then we host Thanksgiving -- hrmmm.... bedrest is not so conducive to Thanksgiving prep.  I should still have plenty of prep time -- besides, it'll help the 2ww pass.  The IUI 2ww was bad enough, with the higher stakes of IVF, I don't know how I will be able to stand it.  I know it's less than 2w, but still... how do others do it?  Do I need to stuff my schedule to the brim?


  1. Hi Porkchop - Yay for starting progesterone - you are getting so close to transfer! The medrol is super bitter so make sure you don't let it linger in your mouth and drink a whole lot of liquid to get it down. Being type A definitely helps with remembering to take all the meds at the appropriate intervals - if my husband was in my place, we would be screwed - he never remembers if he took his zyrtec or not.
    Yes - I think doing alot of prep cooking will keep your mind off of things. 9 days goes by pretty quickly!

  2. Yes keeping busy will keep you a bit more sane. I started knitting again just to numb my mind.

  3. Great that you're getting so close :)) Not long now... time will fly :) Know how you feel about the clinic calling at the very worst times... how do they always manage to do that ?!?! My tip for the IVF 2WW is to keep calmly busy... I took 2 weeks leave from work for my first IVF 2WW and I almost went crazy !! Hopefully others will help you with the cooking etc for Thanksgiving and you can enjoy it :) Thinking of you as you head towards your retrieval xoxo

  4. I am getting so excited for you! So happy things are moving right along! I am not a type A person so believe me it's not easy getting things in line. I have to write myself reminders all the time. Let me know what how the wait goes, I feel like I am going to be so scared to do anything after the transfer.

  5. Thanks all! @Krista -- Yeah, I've gained ~10 lbs this year w/ all the off & on fertility treatments and not exercising. Post-transfer, I think all I will do is eat and not move. : )