Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost 29 weeks...

First order of news, is that I passed the 3 hour glucose tolerance test.  Phew.  Back to gorging on crap.

Secondly, I now get to go to the ob/gyn every two weeks, which is sweet.  It's nice to check-in and have that reassurance that everything is going okay.

Thirdly, I just want to say, what in the hell are people thinking when they say, "You're HUGE!"  Thankfully, those comments are balanced out with people saying, "You look great!"

Finally, nothing has melted my heart more lately, than my DS touching my belly, feeling movement with an expression of awe and happiness on his face.  Sigh.  Cannot wait for them to meet.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

28 weeks

Yesterday, I had my 3 hour glucose test -- I figured that arriving to the lab at 8 am would give me plenty of time to make it to my shower by 1 pm.  Boy, was I wrong!  First of all, even though I arrived at 8:05 am, I didn't get my first blood draw til 8:40 am.  This is all before drinking the glucola.  THEN, we had to wait for the results of that draw before continuing on... An hour later, I drank the glucola and then it was 3 hours from THEN before I would be done.  So a 3 hour test was 5 hours.  I started fasting from midnight (ate heartily at 11:45 pm) and missed breakfast and lunch.  I was so dizzy, grumpy and out of it... I had DH sneak me out to shower/get dressed for the shower (so confusing, shower/shower) -- technically you are not supposed to leave the premises, but the phlebotomist didn't say anything when I came back wearing different clothes w/ wet hair.  Not sure when I'll get my results... but not fun.  I definitely have a lot more empathy for people who (due to unforeseen circumstances, disaster, hardship, whatever) have not eaten for days.

Today marks 28 weeks exactly and according to some sources, the beginning of third trimester.  It's amazing to me how quickly time has passed and how surreal to be at this place with a baby inside me.  I am very thankful.  At the same time, I fight a daily battle to brush away negative thoughts.  Recently reading an article in the paper about IVF/ICSI-conceived (which we did do - ICSI) babies have a greater risk of birth defects did not ease my mind.  I've got 9 school days left and a ton to do before then (I'm at school right now), so that will definitely occupy my time/mind and then there's a ton to do to get ready for Baby.  I'm figuring that despite my 8/5 due date, that I should be ready at least 2 weeks prior, since DS was 2 weeks early.

I'm sure today is a bittersweet day for many of you, who are yearning to be mothers yourselves.  I wish you peace and I'm hopeful that someday soon this day will be more sweet than bitter for you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So today I got the news from my doctor's office that my glucose levels are slightly high and that I need to do the three hour gestational diabetes test.  This happened to me with DS where I failed the first test and passed the long test.  The bummer is you can't leave the premises during the 3 hours... so it's torture, plus the fasting from 12 am to 12 pm is no fun.  Hopefully, I do not have gestational diabetes...

Otherwise, I'm getting close to the 28 week mark, which some resources designate as the start of the third trimester.  Time has definitely flown.  There are about 12 school days left, so I'm focused solely on that for the time being and then I will go into full-blown nest mode.  Although, I sort of have been nesting a lot already.  Have done a lot of organization at school (with lots more to do, to pave the way for my long-term sub) and am also in the process of updating one of our bathrooms.  So far, I have refinished and painted the vanity, changed the hardware and replaced the countertop and faucet.  Just have to finish some of the plumbing work (yes, I am doing this myself!).

Some fun things too have recently occurred/are on the horizon -- the parents in my class threw me a shower and were very thoughtful to go in a group gift card (so I can get those bigger ticket items that I no longer have, since I don't need little things like clothes or anything).  The kids decorated diapers with colorful Sharpies and inscribed some sage messages in a book for Baby.  My coworker is also throwing me a shower too, soon.  Despite my protestations, everyone has insisted on the showering.  They said to just say thank you and enjoy.  : )

Symptom-wise, I'm still frequently hungry, but still haven't redeemed my cravings from DH, well I tried to the other night, but it was only for soy milk and cereal and since DH did other grocery shopping, he didn't count it.  : )  I'm not feeling the burgers so much anymore.  Despite this, I still feel huge-mongous and am worried about whether my weight gain is related to this glucose issue.  Otherwise, no totally intolerable symptoms, still have sausage feet, though compression socks help.  I'm still massively paranoid about consistent movement and the other night, was wide awake in the middle of the night trying to feel movement (like I can control it) because I hadn't felt much in a while.  I finally gave it up and of course, felt a whole bunch of movement later that morning.  It's really random.

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Hope all is well w/ everyone... will write more with the results of my 3 hour glucose test.  Blech.