Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet, Sweet DS

Even though we had no intention of evicting DS from his room (his bedroom is the only other one aside from ours on the main floor of our house), today, DS voluntarily offered to share his room with the baby.  I said that the crying might disrupt his sleep, but that we'd certainly appreciate using a corner of his room for baby stuff so we didn't have to always schlep to the basement (where the baby room will be, finished basement, lest you think we are relegating B2 to a dungeon.  And we do plan to do have some sort of video monitoring system).

At dinner tonight, too, DS melted me when he was talking about how he'd help out:

"If you and daddy are both working on the computer and there is a spider and the baby is crying, I could get a tissue and kill the spider."

Nevermind that he has actually never done that on his own and always screams "spider!!!" whenever he sees one, but the sentiment still touched me.  : )


  1. Sorry just thinking about the dungeon. J would love to have a basement decorated as a dungeon, but of course with heat and no dampness. I wonder if he'll try to decorate the nursery with faux brick design done with paint. Its a thought.

  2. I love little kids and the beautiful stuff they say. So sweet!