Sunday, January 15, 2012

11 weeks!

I've made it another week.  This week, though, did include some light spotting.  Always light brown in color and not accompanied by any other symptoms.  Also, sporadic.  I can't help but be paranoid about my hormone levels (see last post) though the CCRM nurse said all was fine.  I didn't call the dr's office or anything -- based on what I've read in books and from Dr. Google, it's quite normal for first trimester.  Tell me, ladies, that this is so!  Tomorrow, I have a courtesy u/s at my ob/gyn.  I'm a little scared of her now and scared to ask questions, for fear of her snapping at me.  This fear is not unfounded, as my friend who also sees the same ob/gyn was recently bitched out by said doc and treated (in my opinion) in a very over-the-top and unprofessional manner.  So I have my concerns and have started researching other ob/gyns.  Unfortunately, where I want to deliver (specific hospital) does not have a ton of ob/gyn options... so I may have to change hospitals (so, am planning to attend a hospital tour even though I'm barely showing -- I hope the other "tourees" don't think I'm a freak, just trying to find a doctor everyone!).

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  1. They are supposed to treat you better because you are paying for the treatment that they provider, thus the term provider.

  2. YAY for another week. Sorry for the spotting. I hope it stays away this week. You are almost out of the long first trimester!

  3. I want to read more! Add me to you list please :-) I don't know how to e-mail you, can't find it :-(