Saturday, January 7, 2012


10 weeks tomorrow, which according to what I've read is a bit of a milestone in itself, before numbers end up being solidly in our favor after 12-13 weeks.  I've been thinking about my experience with my ob/gyn and DH thinks maybe I walked in with craploads of knowledge (from having gone through IF, CCRM, IVF, etc) and the ob/gyn maybe was getting defensive.  She didn't know much about the drugs I was taking, IVF, etc. and maybe I just came on too strong?  At any rate, you all have been great with your advice and I will give it another go before I potentially switch docs.

DH has been really awesome and excited lately (esp for "coming out of the closet" which coincides with my 37th birthday.  Ahhhh, advanced maternal age... ).  I've got another u/s appointment with the ob/gyn in about a week and a half and also my first trimester screen has been scheduled for later this month too.  So I've been lucky to have regular ultrasounds spaced out thus far.  OH!  And I self-advocated and pushed for another E2/progesterone blood check at CCRM and they said yes, so I'm doing that on Monday morning.  Yay.  I just wanted peace of mind.  (Yesterday was my last endometrin insert...)

DH also left a sweet poem on my nightstand the other evening:

A preternaturally sensitive nose,
objecting to even the sweetest rose,
and eating a burger
with gustatory fervor,
makes me happy for reasons nobody else knows.

FYI: My sense of smell is definitely heightened.  I woke up one morning at the crack of dawn when DH was up and I felt like something was burning.  It was just coffee.  His deodorant, which I usually don't mind, I cannot stand and have asked him to stop using.  I almost puked the other day taking out the compost as it smelled like feces to me.  I stopped using my hair conditioner because the smell was way too strong...


  1. My nose is always that sensitive and my hearing too. J calls me "Wolverine".

  2. That poem is one of the sweetest and cutest things I have ever read! Congrats on 10 weeks!

  3. Hopefully she's better at your next visit. You probably did intimidate her with your vast amounts of knowledge. :)

  4. I can't wait to get to 10 weeks and yes it is a huge accomplishment! I am hoping as each week goes by I will feel more confident regarding this pregnancy. I am glad CCRM agreed to do another blood draw to ease your mind. Hopefully your next OB appointment will be a little better but if it's not, I wouldn't stick around.

  5. Krista, I do think the passage of time helps. I am definitely starting to settle into it, but am still cautious. I bet you will too. Thanks for your comments!