Friday, February 3, 2012


I <3 coffee! (supposed to be name of post, but for some reason I cannot publish these specific characters -- sometimes I hate blogger).

After a fitful night of sleep -- with a headache (same as 36 hour one last time) and a sore throat plus a phone call at 4something am (to confirm a snow day -- woohoo!!!!), I was determined to make a change this morning.  After abstaining from coffee for who knows how long, I decided to indulge myself.  I had a 1/2 cup of 1/2 caf coffee and sweet baby Jesus, it was DELICIOUS.  I figure I'm well into my first trimester, if not my second, so what the hell.  Besides:

In other news, I told my coworkers who were already speculating and gossiping all over the place (everyone was really sweet and happy for me), I guess I'm showing in a significant way (much sooner than before, but with the existing extra inches, no wonder). My butt and belly feel gigantic to me... I always change into elastic waistband pants as soon as I get home from work.  I haven't broken out the maternity clothes yet, but did get some new stuff for my b-day (the other day), which is fun.  My old stuff doesn't look too dated, so those should be usable.  Wearing the Bella band w/ my pants WAY open and also sticking to lots of stretchy skirts.  I had to videotape a lesson that I was teaching the other day (for National Board Certification -- bleck, what an unfun process) and when I watched the footage, I was quite stunned by how much junk I had in the trunk.  Ah well...

I'm ready to start feeling movement, because I do still feel anxious about what's going on in there.  And monthly visits to the ob/gyn hardly seem sufficient.

Symptom-wise, I'm enjoying constipation and hemorrhoids, TMI, but it's a fact.  The wooziness is definitely subsiding (YAY!) but is still present, hints of it here and there.  With my sore throat, I'm definitely having trouble sleeping and DH has been complaining of my horrific snoring.

Don't I sound sexy?  : )


  1. Sadly, despite having never been pregnant before, I am all to aware of constipation and 'roids. Ask your doctor if Milk of Magnesia is ok to take. It tastes so bad I'm cringing just typing it, but it really is a God-send when it comes to rump troubles.

  2. Did that mean it was your bday a couple days ago? Happy Birthday!!!