Sunday, January 29, 2012

13 Weeks!

Today marks 13 weeks.  I'm so confused as to when second trimester begins.  There are like three different dates according to  Development, gestation and conception.

Starting to tell more and more people and it's still super weird.  Still haven't told my dad (I'm not very close to him)!  I just still feel weird about it -- it's still kind of surreal.  Of course, I am happy and excited too...

A couple days ago, I went to my first trimester screening.  It was nice to have another ultrasound and see the baby markedly bigger than before.  The tech didn't say anything about the sex of the baby so I didn't ask.  The doctor mentioned a new screening (blood test) that just came out in Oct 2011:

Apparently, it's way more detailed than the old blood test and it actually looks at the fetal DNA which is floating around in the mother's blood.  If my risk factor is currently 1 in 300 for Down Syndrome, then a negative test changes the risk to 1 in 14,000 (if I remember the figures right).  The test is supposed to be 99.1 or 99.9% accurate.  So I went ahead and did it.

Supposed to have results for the nuchal translucency scan and the blood test in a week.

Until then, I am anxious for the nausea to die down.  I still felt a bit blecky tonight, maybe tomorrow will be the turning point.

Not ready for Monday!!!  Will tell coworkers on Thursday though...


  1. I am confused too. I have read after the 13th week. I am telling co-workers next week, my 13th week. I only have 1 pair of pants that fit so I can't hide it any longer. I have a small bump but it looks so much bigger with clothes.

  2. Congrats on 13 weeks! Hoping all the tests come out fine.