Monday, January 16, 2012

My Savior: Fruit & Juice Bars

Still feeling regularly nauseous, especially in the evening.  I bought some Kroger (house brand) fruit popsicles the other day (I think about 80 calories) and they totally do the trick to temper the nausea.  It's cold, sweet and somehow tricks my brain and body.  Unfortunately, the bar is not quite big enough to deal with an entire evening's worth of nausea and I don't think it wise or that I would want to eat more than one in a sitting.  Next time I'm at Costco, I'm going to try to find a monster pack of them, because 6 per box won't cut it.

Thanks to all of you who emailed to read my private post.  I feel bad, in retrospect, about my uber-salty language and hope it did not offend you, or even worse, cause you to stop following my potty-ness.  I did make some minor edits, so anyone else who reads, hopefully won't be sickened.  : )

Okay, time to stop procrastinating and make the most of DS's playdate and get some work done.

PS.  I notice that Blogger now allows replies to comments.  I have since disabled Disqus and now all my old comments are from me.  : (


  1. You did not offend me. I have 3 sisters and we act like the Kardashian sisters always bickering with each other. I also have a non-married, bi-sexual friend that made me buy her a pregnancy test last year, we were right in the middle of the ODWU info. I thought that was pretty selfish of her. I am getting nausea especially in the evenings too. I bought some fruit bars from whole foods but for some reason I can't stand any sugar at all.

    1. phew. women seem to have something genetic that causes so much fighting! : ) while i would love to have a girl, i also wouldn't mind having another boy -- emotions are so much more straightforward and i shudder to think what parenting a teenage girl would be like.

    2. Justagirl-Krista, in the beginning I had sweet issues too. Even one tiny piece of candy was enough to make me feel blech-like. Unfortunately, it hasn't stated that way. lol

  2. Not at all offensive. I found your post refreshing as way too many of us have to sensor them because our family or close friends read our blogs.

  3. I used to eat them all the time. I will have to remember that when I am pregnant with nausea.

    I have not read it yet, but it takes a lot to offend me. I personally like hearing the truth about how someone feels.

  4. Have you thought about making your own juice-pops? During the summer I'd take juice I like (watered down or not) and pour it into paper cups or plastic containers. You could then scrape it with a spoon to eat, or put a stick in it and have a popcicle!
    I hope your nausea eases up soon.