Friday, December 30, 2011

Weaning off of Drugs - Freaked

I got an email today from the nurse (which was really hard to understand, so I had to call them anyway).

1) Estrace - 1x/day for 4 days (I'm now taking 2/day), then stop
2) Vivelle - reduce by one, every other day (I'm now taking 4 every other day), then stop
3) Endometrin - 2x/day for 4 days, then 1x/day for 4 days, then stop (I'm now taking 3x/day)

Then they said, let us know when the baby is born.  No more monitoring of levels!!!  WHAT?  That freaks me out to no end.  The nurse said, that Dr. G says I'm far along enough and he does this all the time and that it's fine.  FYI, my E2 is at 2000something (supposed to be ~500) and progesterone is at 36 (>20).  I'll be off of all the drugs 2 days before I'm 10 weeks along.

Since I see my ob/gyn on Tuesday, I may ask her to check the levels, so I'm sure they'll be taking my blood anyway.

Anyone who has had experience weaning, please reassure me!!!  I feel like they just ripped off my training wheels and are saying, "Good luck in the Tour de France -- let us know if you finish the race!"


  1. Hmm, they still had be check my levels everytime I weaned off something which was a pain in the arse, because I had to drive 2 hours roundtrip everytime I did a lab. My labs always came back normal though. I weaned off at 11 weeks, but probably could have at 10. Your progesterone levels were higher than mine were, so you are probably good to go!

  2. I have to start weaning but I can tell you your numbers are way, way higher than mine so I am sure you are fine.

  3. I have to say that it too would freak me out. Good luck!