Sunday, December 4, 2011

5 Weeks - Symptoms or Not?

I'm willing the time to pass... it's been one week, so glad to have survived that.  Baby steps... (so to speak).  Still 11 days until the monumental ultrasound.  Meanwhile, it's unclear whether or not I have symptoms...

1) Feeling tired -- I usually feel tired all the time anyway.  I do too much, stay up way too late... so I still feel tired.

2) Always hungry -- I'm a big eater, I eat frequently and I usually am hungry all the time anyway.  Definitely when pregnant with DS, I used to have to keep food on my nightstand and eat right before bed, I was so hungry.  I'm definitely not at that point...

3) Boob size/soreness -- I can't really tell if my boobs are fuller, my boobs are so small to begin with.  Plus they deflated after DS, so cannot tell if they truly are a smidge rounder/more inflated, because maybe that's what my boobs used to look like and I just can't remember (anything, anymore, it seems like).  But yesterday, when I was being lazy and requested a piggyback-ride from DH (um, yes, I'll admit that to you) on the way to bed, I couldn't do it because it hurt to press my boobs against him (sounds so nasty out of context).  And today I couldn't lean on anything either.  Not the sorest they've ever felt though and probably similar to when AF visits...

4) Peeing frequently -- I always have to get up in the middle of the night to pee.  I used to never drink anything during the day because it was so inconvenient to go to the bathroom at school.  Now, I chug water and as a result, do have to go more often, but that was always the case before.

5) Headache -- I have one now, but I also barely consumed any liquids today.  I do get them when I am dehydrated. 

So -- a totally lame symptom analysis, but it just echos that it still doesn't feel real to me yet and that I'm still biding my time.  I haven't used the words, "I'm pregnant" yet or told anyone who is not already aware of my going through IVF.

Okay, I procrastinated all weekend from doing school work and now I just wanna go to bed.  First more procrastination -- finishing Christmas cards.  I think I'm gonna bail on the school work.  Maybe it will make my week go faster being busy at work?

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  1. I still haven't finished decorating. Too tired with the fibromyalgia by the end of the day to do everything I'd like to. But I did finish my Christmas cards and some have now arrived to their destinations I'm happy to report. Just take it easy. Do what you can when you can and only if you feel up to it. Holidays shouldn't be all about being a Donna Reed.