Friday, December 9, 2011

5w5d - Okay, they're symptoms...

While I am still playing it safe... haven't made any announcements, haven't used the word "p--gnant," I have to admit that I really do have symptoms.
  • Constipation - Gross, but it's really horrendous... and even though I am taking Colace pills, it's not really helping.  I will refrain from providing additional details, even though I really want to.  : )
  • Boobs - Okay, my boobs are definitely fuller and rounder.  I wish I could hit a freeze button so my less than A-cups could be this way forever.  After DS, it was definitely deflated-balloonsville.
  • Exhaustion - Even though I am typically tired, I am ready for bed VERY early every night.  And even with 7-8 hours of sleep, I am still tired when I wake up.
  • Nausea - Millions of women have asked why it's called morning sickness and count me in as one of them.  For me, it's late afternoon-evening sickness.  It's low grade and I don't actually need to puke, nor does it feel as bad as it does when one has the stomach flu.  It's just kinda there and makes me want to lay around and do nothing.  It also confuses me as to whether I should eat or not, because I kinda want to and I kinda don't.
Although this week has gone by fairly quickly, time is still passing too slowly for my taste.  Still 6 days til the ultrasound.  While I've made some progress toward Christmas, I'm not quite there yet.  So I guess the super-long to-do list helps in this regard.  We're going out of town on the 19th, so pretty much everything needs to be done by then.  Yikes!  Thinking of telling my mom as part of an Xmas surprise (in a non-public way, so DS doesn't hear).  DH wants to tell his mom then too (not because he's close to her, but because she just moved to our state and he wants to give her positive affirmation that being here is good because of B2, since she's a bit of an emotional/mental wreck), even though I'd rather wait with her.  Do you think I'm being unfair?  I just want to keep the circle small still because it's early yet and my mom is an extension of me, while my MIL is most definitely not.


  1. Congrats on your symptoms! How did I never know that constipation was a pregnancy symptom before? Ha!

    And as far as your MIL, I totally understand how you feel. When the journey first began for us I was very hesitant for Max to share anything with my MIL but poured my heart out to my own mom. It is absolutely because my mom is an extension of me and my MIL is not. I know now that this feels more real to Max with his family just as in the loop as mine is. It's not just my journey, but his too. That doesn't necessarily make me happy, but I know it's true for us. :)

  2. Can't wait for the u/s update. Hope all continues to go well. That will be a nice gift for family members to hear this year! Enjoy!

  3. Yay for symptoms! I personally would want to wait and tell both my Mom and MIL abut the same time because I am close with both. I totally understand telling your mom now and MIL later though.