Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have to say that I'm not thrilled with my ob/gyn.  #1) As some of you may recall, she was really bitchy at my first pre-natal visit.  #2) I've had appointments rescheduled numerous times by their office and with my teacher schedule, that is really impactful.  #3) The latest is that I had my quad screen done over 1.5 weeks ago and I never heard anything about the results.  I had to call them today to find out.  Neg on Quad Screen, Neg on Hep C and Neg on anemia... so that's good, but good God, isn't it standard practice to call a patient and relay lab results?

At this point, while still early, I don't want to change doctors because there aren't that many who practice at the hospital I want to deliver at.  My former doctor (and parent at my school -- weird + not happy with my delivery experience with her) is one of the only other practices.  The only other one shares calls with my current doctor, so there is a chance I'd get her anyway (and -that- would be weird after dumping her).

Otherwise, 17w4d, waiting to feel that movement still, but otherwise, all is well. 

Just had to complain...


  1. Complaint noted and sympathy being sent. If I could I'd give your ob's office a tongue lashing for you. Do they some how think that their time is more valuable than your time? I detest when doctors require us to have tests then decide to not call us when they are supposed to.

  2. That is annoying when you have to call for your results. If only OB clinics were like CCRM. I talked to my friend who lives in Denver today and she said she got to do her glucose test with Welch's grape juice (she had a midwife) - now that would be ok. Hope you only have to endure the sugar drink only once with this pregnancy!

    1. I think that might be what it is -- that I'm spoiled from CCRM! They've definitely got their act together and are so professional and expedient. WOW on drinking grape juice -- that would be AMAZING. I doubt my hard-ass ob/gyn would go for that.