Monday, February 27, 2012

17w1d - The Latest

Am in the midst of trying to find someone who will take-over during my maternity leave (they will have to start out the school year, which is rather unique and not as easy as when I had DS and had a 1 month sub and then summer vacation before resuming work in August).  I've already had two people commit and then bail.  Argh!  Definitely need to find someone who is not in search of greener pastures.  After my leave, my hope is to work 3 days/week and job-share with that person.  I just want to get the logistics hammered down so I don't have to deal with them anymore.

Am nervous because I'm not yet feeling movement.  At my dr's appointment last week, I was told that I should feel movement any day now.  Especially since with one's second pregnancy, you're supposed to feel movement sooner than with the first.  Having to wait til the next appointment is so hard... but we've already make a reservation at a nice restaurant in town for date night, to do the "big reveal" for the baby's sex.

Other than that, still have a cough (3 weeks now) and poor DS has it now too.  Still craving fruit, so that helps with constipatory tendencies.  My belly is increasing in size, but seemingly at a reasonable rate.  Clothing is still tricky because I feel like my pants are falling down (and I constantly have to tug at them) with maternity ones and my regular pants are just not possible (as mentioned in my last post).

I did ask why we can't get u/s every week at my last appointment... the dr chuckled and said that while they are fairly certain that u/s are safe, they aren't totally sure and they want to err on the side of  caution.  Party-line/BS or the truth?  Hmmm....

Okay, going to try to hit the hay in a timely manner... exhausted (from sleep deprivation) lately.  Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. I hope you feel some movement soon. You might not be feeling the movement due to it being so subtle still.