Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours


I admit that my problems are first-world problems, but nonetheless, I am tired and stressed.

1) Movement -- sometimes I think I feel something, but I am not sure.  I am ready for my Monday u/s to see what's up.  Having had DS, I know what movement should feel like and so far nothing really feels like those flutters.

2) Mother-in-law with mental health issues, currently in the hospital.  When you get calls at 4 am in the morning, or DH comes home at 1 am from the hospital, that does not lend itself well to sleep.  I was awake from 1 am - 4 am last night (and barely got to work before the kids were streaming into the halls).

3) National Board Certification -- this is a very intense process to become a "master teacher" and involves putting together a length portfolio of student work, 12-14 page papers, videos of your teaching, etc.  I have been working on it every weekend for the past 8 months.  It's all due at the end of this month, but my goal is to be done with it BEFORE my spring break (last week or March).  (This is in addition to my master's and regular teacher licensure).

4) Working FT -- my students are rotten this year and I'm a grumpy, impatient teacher.

5) Hiring my replacement -- after having gone through a lengthy process with my #1 choice, now she's thinking it's not the right choice for her because she wants benefits, etc.  Sigh.  Now, all I have left is a mediocre person and another woman who is about to have a baby herself, so not sure that makes the most sense (to have someone start at a new grade level, new school when they are dealing w/ a lot at home).

Here would be the perfect solution: a regular housecleaner, a personal assistant and retirement.  Wouldn't solve #2, but might make my disposition more pleasant.  Again, first world problems.


  1. A personal assistant and cleaner would be great :)) Sorry you're going through such a busy time at the moment. I found it almost impossible to feel definite movement with our now 3 y/o daughter until she was well over 20 week... but call your OB if you're worried... they can always do your scan early. Thoughts always xo

  2. I'll take the personal assistant, cleaner, a full time cook, and a massage therapist.

    But seriously now, I hope that soon you'll be under less stress and able to sleep. Insomnia sucks and when you are under stress and basically forced to stay awake its worse.

  3. You have a lot on your plate right now. Sending you calming, relaxing thoughts. I hope things get easier soon. Hugz!