Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Hate Pharmacies

After several days with the worst sore throat ever, I took matters into my own hands and self-diagnosed with the help of Dr. Google.  A visit to the Walgreens clinic (bec it's the weekend) confirmed that I had strep.  So since I was already at Walgreens, I thought I'd just fill my antibiotic prescription there.  They said they'd call my name when it was ready.  After sitting and waiting for a REALLY long time, I finally went up and asked when it'd be done.  They're like, "Oh it's done."  Then I find out that (I had forgotten as well) that Walgreens no longer works w/ my insurance and I wasn't about to pay full price when I could get the drugs for $5 otherwise.  They said I could go anywhere else and request that it be transferred.  So I went across the street to the grocery store and requested that.  They said an hour.  After an hour, they said we haven't gotten a hold of Walgreens yet.  It'll be 20 more minutes.  Finally, I was like f**k that sh**, I'm going home.  I had the prescription transferred to Costco where DH is going to get some provisions -- let's hope the 3rd time is a charm.  It shouldn't take 5 hours to get a simple prescription filled... AUGHHHH!  I want the drugs so I can start feeling better... but I keep having to wait and I'm sooooo frustrated.

I also hope that DH and DS don't get this from me...

EDIT: Got my drugs!  Just took one and my frown is turning upside down.  Costco dealt with the whole thing in like 30 minutes tops (from the time I called them).  Even though they just put up their closed sign (for lunch) they still processed everything for me.  I'm just going to drive the extra 10 minutes to save the several hours of headache in the future.  Sheesh.


  1. Grr, Walgreens has given me the run around one to many times myself. Glad you finally got it taken care of, though, and that you can now begin to feel human again!

  2. Walgreens drives me nuts. I've had that problem before too.

    Strep throat is no fun. I had that almost every year as a kid. After a while the doctor just started administering the antibiotic shots to me in his office.

  3. Yea wallgreens sucks. Hope you get better soon!