Friday, October 28, 2011

TGIF and CD1 with a Fake Period

I think today was CD1 of the Lupron period, post BCP.  BCP periods for me are not the same as regular ones, so it's always so hard to say.  I almost want to send the nurses a picture (gross, I know, but still) and say "Tell me if this is CD1!!!"  Everything on my calendar is still pretty much the same, especially the transfer day.  The only bummer is that I'll have to do an E2 draw in Lone Tree on a Saturday (which is an hour drive for me, but maybe I can combine w/ a trip to IKEA!) -- but I do realize I'm very fortunate especially since I know so many of you have to fly to CCRM.

Otherwise, I continue to feel like crap (tired, cold-ish symptoms) and it's unclear how much of that is just life (not enough sleep, stress, etc) or Lupron.  I also have some mouth sores and I do get them now and again, so can't tell if it's correlation or causation.  At least it's Friday -- I plan to sleep in a ton this weekend.  No plans, other than seeing some friends, which will be chill.  One friend I'm seeing has been going through IF as well and is now pregnant.  It hasn't been easy for her despite the outcome... That's what seems hard about this whole process, because even if we do get a BFP, it's one hurdle after another to cross and that seems to never end... when can you breathe easy?

Speaking of others who are preggo -- how do you deal with coworkers and friends (not going through IF) who are pregnant (another one just announced the deets yesterday)?  I'm talking the ones who try one time and get knocked up or can't stop talking about every little pregnancy detail (despite knowing you are going through IF).  Other than grinning and bearing it or giving them the double finger?

Even though I am under the weather, I am not too under the weather for DATE NIGHT!  Yummy French bistro food, here I come!  Maybe some froyo for dessert... (Unfortunately and on the flip side, all this cycling has made any exercise routine go to hell -- ugh, this weight gain is NO fun... there's only one reason weight gain will be enjoyed/tolerated).

Have a good weekend all -- catch you on the Vivelle side!  : )


  1. I just had a young twenty something announce her pregnancy the other week at work. She complains all the time and she is not even 2 months along. The new was hard at first but then I remind myself that I am so happy to have my husband and although I rather not have to do IVF to have babies I am glad it's available for us.

  2. A very positive outlook -- thanks for sharing!