Thursday, October 27, 2011


Okay, I'm being a little overzealous on day 1 of blogging, with 3 posts... but more on the long journey. Even though I've got some time cushion with being 36 (really, almost 37), my husband is 11 years older than I am. This has put additional pressure on the whole B2 thing for us... he doesn't want people to think he's the baby's grandfather and/or be ancient or dead when the kid is still relatively young. I point to people like Robert Downey Jr., Tony Randall, Elton John, but that doesn't really ease his mind (especially since they all have $$$$$$ and are not normal people). Anyway, obviously to get to where we are, we are over the hump on this. DH wants this as much as I do... phew. Plus, I got to see DH looking fondly upon (w/ amusement and joy) some friends' three year olds this weekend, which is also reassuring.

Another thing -- we have decided (though we still have lots of time to change our minds) to transfer 1. With the financial, pregnancy/health, developmental risks involved (though if we did happen to end up with twins, we would happily welcome them, just not gonna seek it out) -- we figure, if all goes well w/ the thaw and whatnot, we have 3 shots at FET. Sounds like with 1, they thaw the 3BA (since the other two are frozen together) and use that. Also, as an elementary school teacher, I see SO many twins (and now I'm dying to find out which ones are IVF) and many have major issues. ADHD, low birth weight, learning issues... or one twin will be Mr. Smart and one will be Mr. Not so Much. Or one Mr. Handsome and Smart and Athletic and the other Mr. Dumb, Not as Cute and Not so Athletic... that freaks me out a little bit.


  1. So you are thinking of just transferring one and the one being the 3BA? Are you sure the other ones are frozen in pairs? I'm asking that because mine weren't and it would be great if you could transfer the 4AA. GL!

  2. I am glad you made a blog. I was hoping to follow you along since you are a couple weeks ahead of me in the FET cycle. I am pretty sure we are only going to transfer 1 too.

  3. @myfertilityjourney: At the regroup w/ Dr. G -- he said don't worry about grades, just worry about 1 or 2. He did say they froze 3BA on day 5 and because the 4s were together, they were frozen together on day 6. And they are a group set... pretty much. I don't really get the whole thing, but I didn't question the wizard... they can be really business-like (which can be good and bad). Thanks for the comments!

    @Krista: Thanks -- I realize the "market" is saturated, but then again, it's not a capitalist type of situation here. And it's always nice to find people in your same boat!