Friday, June 1, 2012

Almost 31...

Ha, wish that title described my age too!  Went to the ob/gyn yesterday -- except for waiting almost an hour to see her (par for the course), all was good/smooth.  Heartbeat was good, strong and LOUD (even on the lowest volume on the doppler).  I felt a lot of movement last night, stronger than ever, which was cool.  But I'm all paranoid because I accidentally ended up on my back for most of the night's sleep... still waiting for baby boy to announce his presence today.  My doctor is so wacko -- she told me that the Strep B culture was going to be done at the next appointment (in 2 weeks, they take a swab of your "other hole"...).  I said, "Won't that be unpleasant with the hemorrhoids?"  Because I'm definitely experiencing them to the max... She said very cheerfully, "It might be for you, but it won't for me!"  Hilarious.

I've been working up a storm at school to prep things for my maternity leave.  I am about 95% done... unfortunately, my sub seems to be a bit high maintenance and I worry that she won't leave me alone.  So many questions, wants to do so much in advance.  Sometimes you just gotta cross that bridge when you get to it.  At least she's competent, though...

Next on tap, is my exams for Board Certification, which I gotta study for.  Gag.  How do you study for something when you have no idea what they're going to ask you?  (It's 6 essay questions and you only know the topic in a very general sense, it could be anything though).

THEN, it'll be nursery, full-on nesting time!  I cannot believe that I'm on the home stretch and what surrealness awaits.  It was another time/world when DS (now 6) was an infant.  I hope what they say is true, that #2 is easier.

For now, we've got a family weekend getaway (just driving a few hours away) that I've got to pack for -- will be good to have quality fam time and no chores to do. 

Have a good weekend, all!


  1. Wow, 31 weeks. Feels like it has flown. Have a great time with your family!

  2. Wonderful to hear that all is well... And good luck with the exam. Love to you and bub xoxo

  3. I sometimes have to sleep on my back too because my side get numb. You are almost there!