Wednesday, July 11, 2012

36.5 weeks

Thought I'd write during a moment where my hands are not aching from joint pain.  I'm experiencing the full puff of swollen-ness in my hands and feet.  Even Crocs are snug on my feet.  When I wake up, I cannot make a fist.  I also wake up several times a night with no feeling in my hands and have to shake it out.  A byproduct of the swollen hands is joint pain -- I find it difficult to write, squeeze toothpaste, etc, etc.  I feel like an old lady!  When I drive, I cannot be at "10 and 2," otherwise I lose feeling in my hands.  I have to keep my hands down low.

Yesterday, I had my 36 week appointment -- had a (way too) quick ultrasound which confirmed that the baby's head is down.  Also, I now weigh 156 pounds, which is a record for me.  4 pounds in 2 weeks!  At this rate, I will definitely crack 160. 

DH has a job interview in FL coming up, not scheduled yet.  I'm deathly afraid of having to go through labor alone... When DS was arriving, he was also in FL, but came back in time (helped that my water broke but I had no contractions so things were slow).

Also went to a refresher childbirth class this week -- it was good to get some review of the stages of labor and also on breathing techniques.  It was a bit long, though, and DH was dying.  But we managed to be naughty students and crack ourselves up throughout. 

Okay, I am starving (again) -- time to get some grub!

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  1. Eat and be merry for soon you'll not sleep a wink!